Stay Away from YogaPipe Products!

An honest account about my horrible experience with YogaPipe


Review by 246 Bay Street Inc.

Posted: 26th of February 2021

Here’s a brief overview of our bad experience with “YogaPipe” product:

We were installing a brand new airconditioning system as part of the overall renovation of our 4 story building in Jersey city, and were looking for apropriate A/C pipes.

Normally we would go with the good old copper pipes, but this time we came across the seemingly attractive copper pipe alternative, YogaPipe ACR, that’s supposed to be better than legacy pipes, or so it is claimed on their website – “Say goodbye to fragile copper and say hello to durability“.

It didn’t save us any money either. The YogaPipes cost more than the traditional pipes. But we truly thought we were making a good investment for the long run. If they really are that durable, then it makes sense, right?

Well, we learned our lesson, the hard way.

Right from the very beginning we experienced problems, it was obvious the A/C’s just didn’t perform properly.

Screenshot from Homepage

We checked the AC units on the roof and there we suddenly spotted this big hole on one of the pipes. Somewhat perplexed by this unpleasant surprise in a brand new system, we fixed it, and were hoping that would solve the problem.

However, the problems persisted, and we realized we had no choice but to open up all of the walls and ceilings where the yogapipe had been installed. So we did, and we found more and more of these scary holes.

It was a very unpleasant awakening to the fact that we would need to replace everything and redo all of the work. Needless to say, we took a major hit in both schedule and budget.

So, we’re just posting this here to say: 

Unfortunately we cannot recommend Yogapipe. It’s been a very costly mistake for us. We’ll just stick to good old copper pipes from now on. Maybe this review will help others avoid the same mistake. Do your own research. This is just our perspective from our own experience.

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